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The Arts


The five Arts subjects in the Australian Curriculum are dance, drama, media arts, music, and visual arts.


The Arts aims to develop students:

  • Creativity, critical thinking, aesthetic knowledge and understanding about arts practices, through making and responding to artworks with increasing self-confidence
  • Arts knowledge and skills to communicate ideas; they value and share their arts and life experiences by representing, expressing and communicating ideas, imagination and observations about their individual and collective worlds to others in meaningful ways
  • Use of innovative arts practices with available and emerging technologies, to express and represent ideas, while displaying empathy for multiple viewpoints
  • Understanding of Australia’s histories and traditions through the Arts, engaging with the artworks and practices, both traditional and contemporary, of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Peoples
  • Understanding of local, regional and global cultures, and their Arts histories and traditions, through engaging with the worlds of artists, artworks, audiences and arts professions.

Magill has specialist teachers in drama, music, dance and media arts.

Classroom teachers provide a Visual Arts program.


The aims of the drama program include:
To develop skills in group co-operation, confidence and commitment to the task.
To develop confidence in performing for an audience.
To develop the ability to provide constructive criticism to others and the ability to incorporate feedback into their work


The aims of the dance program include:
To develop an understanding of dance elements
To develop a familiarity with dance genres
To make and perform dance sequences, working in groups to communicate ideas
To develop and demonstrate safe dance practice
To develop the vocabulary of movement

Media Arts

The aims of the Media Arts program include:
To explore and make media art works to represent ideas
To use media technologies to capture images, sounds and text for a purpose
To share media artworks with peers and experience media artworks as an audience


The aims of the Music program include opportunities for students to:
Participate as creators, makers, and presenters of music, developing age appropriate skills.
Respond to music as an art form with all its styles, genres and purposes.

Years 2-6 Choral:

Magill School has four choirs. The year 2, year 3, year 4 and the year 5/6 Festival choir. All choirs meet every week to practice and they perform at various functions throughout the year.

The Year 5/6 choir is a participant in the state Festival Choir, known as the Festival of Music. This event occurs in Septemer each year and offers students a special opportunity to perform on stage.

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