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SAPSASA Primary school sports works within the Department for Education and Child Development for the delivery of school sport.  Magill as a member of SAPSASA is in the Torrens River District.  Through this district we compete against other schools for participation.  In state day competitions various state teams are selected for state carnivals. We also participate in various knockout competitions and day carnivals run in association with community associations.

Regular sports that Magill participates in knockout competitions are cricket, netball, football, soccer (boys and girls).  District competitions include athletics, cross country, swimming and badminton which lead to selection of state teams.

If your child is involved in a sport that Magill as a school is not, check the SAPSASA website to see if opportunities are available for your child to compete on a state level.

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For enquiries please contact Andy Read (PE Teacher and SAPSASA Coordinator) on 8331 9422 or All competitions are run under the Associations strict Codes of Behaviour. Please refer to the SAPSASA website