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Medication includes all prescribed, non-prescribed, over the counter and alternative therapies (such as vitamins and supplements).   All medication is stored in the front office for safety.  It is the parent/caregiver’s responsibility to provide the school with all medication and administration equipment and plans.    It should be supplied in a plastic box with a lid.


Health Care Plans / Action Plans / Medication Agreements

All medication, as described above, requires a fully completed written Medication Agreement and/or relevant health care / action plan (eg Anaphylaxis, Allergy and Asthma) to be completed, signed and dated by the treating health professional and parent/carer where applicable.  The Agreement/Action/Health Care Plan should be reviewed every 12 months, or sooner if your child's medical condition changes.   There are links to relevant plans and Websites at the bottom of the page.

Plans and agreements cannot be modified, overwritten or illegible.  Agreements/Plans needs to document:


  •         Name of child, date of birth, nature of allergies if applicable.
  •         Medicine name, strength of medication (mg or mg/ml), and form (eg liquid, tablet, lotion).       
  •         Delivery (oral, inhaled, topical), dose and time to be administered.
  •         Any other administration details (eg if to be taken with food).



All medications, as described above, must be provided in an original pharmacy container and have a clear pharmacy label, and be in date.   The pharmacy label must include:

●   Child’s name

●   Date of Dispensing

●   Name of medication

●   Strength of Medication

●   Dose                  

●   When it should be given

●   Length of treatment

●   Any other administration instructions (to be taken with food)

●   Expiry date


All medicines need to match the plan exactly.  If Zyrtec syrup is listed, this must be provided. The exact dosage must be stated on the form and must match the pharmacy label.  Medication that is labelled PRN, to be taken as directed or similar does not provide sufficient information and cannot be administered at school.  An exception to this is where there is an ASCIA Action Plan for anaphylaxis or allergy that includes adrenaline and/or antihistamine on the plan or an Asthma Care Plan that includes Ventolin on the plan.

Pain Relief such as paracetamol or ibuprofen are not permitted in education and care services as medication for first aid.  They can mask signs and symptoms or serious illness or injury.

Medication that requires administration three times a day can be administered outside school hours (generally in the morning, after school and in the evening). If medication is required and a fully completed form is not provided, the parent/legal guardian must attend school to administer the medication.

Your child cannot be administered a first dose of medication at school due to the dangers of an adverse reaction. 


Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

Parents/guardians are responsible for providing fully completed plans, all medication and administration equipment and for safe delivery of medication to and from school.  Medication which has expired will not be administered at school.  Parent/guardians are also responsible for collecting expired / unused medication. 

If you have any queries or require clarification on any matter, please do not hesitate to contact Chrissi Crouch on 8331 9422 or email

Allergy Awareness Policy217 KB

Health Care Plans191 KB



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