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Chinese is offered as a Second Language programme and the general aims of the programme is that students of Chinese and non-Chinese background learn to communicate effectively in Chinese, in real life situations, appropriate to the age group.

In learning Chinese, students extend:

  • Their understanding of Chinese culture in Australia and elsewhere.
  • Their social skills and awareness.
  • Their conceptual awareness.
  • Their intercultural understanding.
  • That students achieve levels of communicative competence in Chinese, appropriate to their age and experience.

The Chinese Programme R - 6 is based on the following points of interest and minimum requirements for effective language learning:

  • Students will be motivated to use the language.
  • The language will be set in real life contexts.
  • Students' contributions will be accepted and valued.

The programme is designed to:

  • Cater for a range of age and individual language differences.
  • Integrate basic skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Explore themes familiar to students that include a vast array of knowledge of family, friends, hobbies, interests, home and the environment.
  • Utilize a framework of poetry, rhymes, songs, dances and games.

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