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After School Sports

Magill School offers a wide range of sports and activities for students from Year 2 to Year 6.  We encourage your child/children to get involved.  Through sport children develop skills at their chosen game whilst having fun, developing confidence and widening their social experiences.  Children participate in programs and competitions that suit their age, ability and maturity level.

After School Sports on offer at Magill School

Our successful sports program relies on parent participation.  Teams are coached/managed by parents (even friends and relatives) of the students.  These people give their time so our students can develop their skills and most importantly, their enjoyment of the sport. Each of the coaches/volunteers must have a current DCSI/WWCC.  You can apply for a FREE Volunteer WWCC at the below link:

Fees are very affordable (especially when comparing it to club sport) and cover team registration and affiliation fees, umpires, first aid kits, equipment, ground hire, uniforms for the season and trophies. 

For enquiries contact:  Rachel Owens 8331 9422   



Please find attached a copy of the After School Sports Policy.

After School Sports Policy141 KB



Sports Committee

The sports committee conduct meetings once a term to discuss sporting participation, coordination of teams, facilities, equipment, setting policies, funding opportunities and all issues relating to sports.   

Members include:

Mike Shortt (Leadership)

Rachel Owens (SSO)

Cricket delegate - position vacant as at 2024

Soccer delegate - Anthony Giannini (coach and parent)

Netball delegate - Jess Reimann (coach and parent)

Hockey delegate - position vacant as at 2024

AFL delegate - position vacant as at 2024

We are always looking for new members, you don’t have to be a coordinator to be a part of the committee. If you would like to join the committee or would like to pass on feedback to the committee, please contact Rachel Owens on 


Weather Policy

The general safety and welfare for all participants is to be upheld, with regards to any extreme weather conditions on the day of the practice or competition.


Practices or training sessions are ultimately at the discretion of the coach and management support group.

Practice before or after school will be cancelled when the predicted temperature for the day is 35degrees or above.  According to the Bureau of Meteorology on the day of the practice/game

Practice sessions held in the air-conditioned school gym can continue as scheduled unless cancelled at the discretion of the coach. 


Football  –determination on game-day is made by coaches and umpires, in consultation with opposing teams, if the weather conditions warrant the need to manage hot or extreme storm conditions, with the safety and welfare of all participants to be upheld. Any electrical storms deemed to be approaching or in close proximity will suspend play, for an undefined period.

Netball – Netta and Primary matches are cancelled when the forecast temperature for the day is 35 degrees or higher in “The Advertiser” on day of competition.   Sub-Junior – If the forecasted temperature is 35 degrees or higher matches will still proceed but will have reduced playing time.